20 Tips and tricks for your Samsung Galaxy s 10

20 Tips and tricks for your Samsung Galaxy s 10

Congrats, you’ve got a new galaxy s 10. The question is, “do you know how to apply all the features and tricks contained in the new phone?” Never mind, we are going to show you 20 tips and tricks that will spark up your use of the new phone. Good luck!

Samsung Galaxy Front and back view

1. Lighten up your notifications

One other way you can put your S10’s screen edges to better effect is to make them brighten up when notifications pull in. This light substitutes, the normal pop-up alerts work fine, especially when your phone is turned upside down. From Settings > Display > Edge screen >Edge lighting. Right there, you can select to turn the feature on or off, select the lighting mode you want, choose to enable edge lights for some apps on your phone, and many more.

2. Use the hole-punch camera to display your battery strength

S10 utilizes a hole-punch notch for its front-facing camera, and you can inject some fun within the area. Install ‘Energy Ring, a third-party app via Google Play Store, and you can use this area to display the battery life you’ve got remaining. In the app’s settings, you can modify the colors, ramp, and depth of the elucidated ring, and let it conceal itself when watching the full-screen display.

3. Snooze alerts

You can snooze alerts, taking them out from the notification shade for a fixed time by making them disappear for a while. Gradually, swipe the alert in either side until the settings icon and a bell show up. Tap on the bell, and then choose the length of time you want the alert to snooze for.

4. Decrease distortion level on ultra-wide shots

The S10’s back camera comes with an ultra-wide lens that you can utilize to adjust inside the frame. Turn it on by tapping the triple-tree logo close to the shutter button. In some instances, this produces a distorted ‘fish-eye’ effect at the border of the frame, but you can put it right in the camera app’s settings. You can do this simply by tapping the cog icon, select Save options, and tweak the Ultra-wide lens correction switch to ON

5. Scan documents with your S10

Scanning documents with a phone comes with all sorts of distortion, the S10 is designed to reduce distortion on any documents you scan with its camera — reports, invoices, even book pages, and so on. While the camera app is open, tap on the cog icon and its settings will be opened, then tap on Scene optimizer. The feature must be switched on as well as the Document scan. This is the time you try to scan a document through the rear camera, and you will see the optimizations applied.

6. Have your S 10 display at maximum resolution

The S10 isn’t set to display at maximum resolution by default. The reason is simply to reduce the consumption of the battery. But that means your pictures are not sharp at maximum, you must be missing out, don’t you?  If you’d rather not mind about the effect on your battery and go for the maximum display resolution, the difference will make sense to you. Open up Settings > Display >Screen resolution. The highest resolution you can set on the S10 is WQHD+, or 3040 by 1440 pixels

7. Pack more icons on the screen            

The S10 organizes home screen and app drawer icons in 4-by-5 grids, however, you can go ahead and bring this up to 4-x-6, 5-x-5, or 5-x-6 if you don’t mind downgrading a little bit the icon size. You can do this by a long press on a blank part of the home screen and then select Home screen settings. The Home screen grid and Apps screen grid will offer you options and you can pick and choose. You’ll be faced with a preview of the change made before you can confirm by tapping Apply.

8. Enhance the clarity of your video

The Video enhancer of Galaxy S 10 is capable of boosting your videos. The S10 is included with a special video enhancer that enhances the colours on screen and brightens some of a scene’s darker regions and makes them more visible. So it depends on your individual preference, but you can turn the feature on and off by navigating to Advanced features > Video enhancer in Settings. But don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t work because it doesn’t work for all apps, but it does work for the default video player and YouTube

9. Soothe shaky video footage

The Galaxy S10 has this trick that can be put to good effect when recording video. The trick is used to calm your shaky video footage—particularly it is useful when you’re on the go while recording. To make use of it, go to the Camera app > Video > Square camera icon in the center at either side – the peak of the screen or at the border, it all depends on how the phone is being held. A message will appear telling you that the super steady mode is now enabled, and you can then begin recording video.

10. Lower power mode to increase battery life

Some of us will go out of his way to increase the battery life of our phones, and the S10 is the phone that offers low power mode choices. It is a simple action and the life of your battery will be prolonged.. From Settings, under Device care > Battery > Power mode. You will be presented with three options to choose from –  making tweaks like if you are changing the display resolution, reducing app background activity, and restraining how difficult your phone can work to try and conserve battery life.

11. Using split-screen apps

To bring into use additional app at a time, go to the multitasking view and select one more app you want to utilize in split-screen mode. Choose the app and tap on the icon, then choose Open in split-screen view. The initial app will minimize and hang on the peak of the display until you open the second app you want to use.

12. Touch and press to see notifications

You can change the manner the S10 displays notifications. Most of the time, this can be very useful. Touch and hold on a blank area of the home screen, then select Home screen settings > App icon badges, and roll down the menu to open the Show notifications switch to On. When this feature is enabled, each time you apply long-press on an icon on the home screen or in the app drawer, unread notifications will be displayed in a pop-up window, so you can have a quick look without launching the app.

13. Share power Wirelessly with PowerShare

The S10 has the capability of wirelessly charging another mobile device through an element known as Wireless PowerShare. To change your S10 to become a wireless charging device, launch the quick settings panel and strike on Wireless PowerShare. The only snag for the feature to work is that your phone must have over 30 per cent of its battery remaining.

14. Use the feature of Digital Wellbeing

Google’s Digital Wellbeing inventiveness is going places, well ahead of the Android makers’ Pixel phones. See how it works: Go to the Settings app and choose Digital Wellbeing from the directory. Enable and modify how the stats tracker works to assist you to reduce the length of time you spend gazing at your phone.

15. Extra Security Folder

Sometimes, you may have apps, addresses, images or emails you would want to secure properly – double security. You can do this by enabling S 10 Secure Folder. To create your Secure folder, it can be created by opening Settings,  then Biometrics and security, and then Secure Folder, and follow the on-screen prompts.

16. Dual messenger on S10

If you are one of those businesses where you will have to manage a personal and business account in one app like Snapchat or Facebook, it is possible to use the S10’s Dual Messenger app. Go to Settings, and tap Advanced features, and then Dual Messenger, and then choose the app you want to use the feature for. Follow the prompts, and then have a second installation of the app that you want to use.

17. Enable landscape mode for home screens

With most apps, they are great at changing between portrait and landscape forms, however, your S 10 home screen by default, has been made to stay in portrait mode, irrespective of the way you’re holding the phone. To enable the use of landscape mode when you turn the device around, touch and hold on a blank part of the home screen, and then select Home screen settings. Change the Portrait mode only control switch to Off, and you will have your home screen rotate as any other app will do.

18. Receive pop-up chat heads for any messaging apps

If you are conversant with chat heads that chat apps such as Facebook Messenger use—where chatting wakes pop up as on-screen froth with contact images that lurk inside them. The S10 does the same thing with any messaging app. To use it, go to Settings > Advanced features menu > Smart pop-up view: The subsequent screen allows you to enable or disable pop-up alerts for any app that holds up to a multi-window mode.

19. Use gestures instead of buttons

Some people prefer to swipe on the screen to tap buttons to manoeuvre around your smartphone, the S10 has this feature intact. To use the feature, Open up Settings >  Display >Navigation bar. Here you can change the typical three buttons with full-screen swipes as you like it. At the same time, the screen also allows you to change the arrangement of the buttons on the screen.

20. Re-organize the Bixby button

Touch and hold the Bixby button on your S10— and S 10’s digital assistant Bixby comes on. This feature is fixed and cannot be changed; however, you can modify what happens when you tap or double-tap the button. Launch the Settings, tap the Advanced features, then tap Bixby key, you’ll now be in a position to select an app. It is only possible to assign one custom shortcut to an app: either single or double-tap.

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